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Interview with Carolyn Cooke, President and Co-founder of Isis

Friday, April 29, 2011   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sally Grimes
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OIWC Interview Series: A Discussion with Carolyn Cooke

Carolyn Cooke, President and Co-Founder of Isis, is a problem solver. Cooke, who's been in outdoor retail since the mid-seventies, saw a lack of leadership, mentorship, and voice for women in the industry, so
in 1995 she helped found the Outdoor Industry Women's Council (which later became the OIWC of today) to fill the void. Similarly, ISIS evolved from a chairlift conversation in Stowe, Vermont, as she and co-founder Poppy Gall expressed shared frustration about the limitations of "unisex” clothing.

Elizabeth Train, OIWC Volunteer, spoke with Carolyn about the evolution of women’s products in the outdoor industry, the importance of vision and collaboration in the workplace and why we need to be sure we’re running our days instead of letting our days run us.

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